Big Data – No Fluff – lets get started with Hadoop #2

Sted: Cloud explorers
Adresse: Linstows gate 6, Oslo, Norway - Se kart
Tid: 27.08.2015, kl. 8/24/15 17:30 - kl. 8/24/15 20:15
Pris: Free
  • Thursday, August 27, 2015

    Påmelding her!

    Oslo Hadoop Big Data Meetup

    to Meetup #2:

    At the second Oslo Hadoop Big Data meetup we will build on the last meetup experience! With not only even nicer soup 😉 but presenting even more knowledge and information along with more practical examples and introduction to Big Data via Hadoop! Also we will have much more fun with French keyboards!!

    We are also interested to find some core Big Data Vikings to help support the group and ensure we build a healthy open community. Just contact me if you have any questions or would like to contribute or support. Lars(Nitro) also has an open challenge if anyone can beat his intro video!!

    And of course Scotsman and the famous Big Data Ninja Quiz and Beer!!! Its time to knock Nitro(Lars) off his top spot!!!!!

    Agenda: (under construction as we Speak)

    1. Introduction and Welcome

    2. Big Data – No Fluff

    3. Hortonworks Full Pack!!! Everything you always wanted to know but were too afraid to ask!

    4. Klarna Sweden – 2 years with Hadoop and onwards – Erik shares all

    5. More how to get started
    i. Setting up your first Sandbox
    ii. Building your first Cluster

    5. Open Discussion Panel

    Big Data Quiz and Beer @ Scotsman


Addresse: Linstows gate 6, Oslo, Norway

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