About Author: Marion Loken

Marion (Cuny) Løken. Enthusiast and creative data analyst, with experience in team management and strategy. I am passionate about data and especially the way they can be used. I love finding new ways to use data to improve customer experiences in general and in particular at customer touch points and with customized products. I also like creating a compelling data story from disparate facts and insights. Technology and new algorithms are fascinating me in the way they offer new possibilities to react faster and more accurately to change. Over the last 12 years, I have worked in different industries and gained a broad experience with various types of data (sensor data, demographics, transactional data, CRM data, web data, social media data, etc.) that I use to improve various processes. I have managed several teams and I enjoy coaching and helping people solve challenges. In organisations I worked for, I have developed strategic initiatives to expand the analytical competencies and advised executive management on strategic directions to use data as an asset.

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