About Author: Andy Cotgreave

Andy Cotgreave is Tableau Software’s senior data analyst in the UK. With 16+ years experience battling with good and bad Business Intelligence (BI) tools, Andy has held positions in data analysis, business research and software development. Prior to Tableau, he was a senior data analyst at the University of Oxford. He has also served in positions at Fast Track, RCP Consultants and RM PLC, giving him a diverse range of technical and non-technical skills. He’s a frequent speaker and has spoken at conferences including Strata London, Oxford Internet Institute and News:Rewired. Andy is a graduate of the University of Edinburgh and holds an MA in Geography. Andy downloaded a trial version of Tableau when frustrated with the BI tools available to him at his previous company. “In just four hours, I had gained more insights than our team would normally take weeks to discover. I was hooked instantly and realized that Tableau’s approach was refreshing, innovative and disruptive.”

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