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In your opinion, what was the most important advancement within BI/Analytics in 2015?

The emerging recognition (and some products) in the big data environment to address issues of data quality, governance and preparation of data for use in exploration and analytics. It did seem a bit of a doh! moment – this mandatory need has been recognised for years in data warehousing. See (includes links to parts 1 and 2)

In your opinion, what will be the most important advancement within BI/Analytics in 2016?

I expect to see the first concrete evidence of the use and impact of cognitive computing and deep learning in traditional BI applications. I don’t think it will become mainstream this year, but will begin a real drive toward what Garner calls the algorithmic economy – machines making decisions that were once the province solely of humans. Be afraid! Be very afraid

People have been talking about big data for a while now. Do you see big data projects becoming mainstream in 2016? Why/why not?

I believe that big data has already gone mainstream, certainly in the US and in «new economy» businesses. I actually expect that some of the emphasis will shift away from «big data» (however you define it) to recognising — finally — that it’s all data, and what matters is not its volume, velocity or variety, but what you do with it.

What new buzzword within BI/Analytics will we see in 2016?

As above – cognitive computing.

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