The New BI Ecosystem: How “Big Data” Merges Top-Down and Bottom-up Computing1 min read







Wayne Eckerson, Principal, BI Leader Consulting


For too long, organizations have tried to shoehorn all business intelligence users and activities into a single, monolithic architecture. Forward-thinking organizations are now augmenting their classic report-centric data warehouses with real-time, analytical, and content-based engines to support any type of user and application. This presentation describes an emerging BI ecosystem that reconciles top-down and bottom-up computing environments and gives business analysts and data scientists a legitimate seat at the enterprise computing table.


You Will Learn:

– The four “intelligences” that will dominate BI in 2020

– How to map analytical users, tools, and architectures to the four intelligences

– The pros/cons of top-down and bottom-up approaches to BI

– How to reconcile top-down and bottom-up computing in a BI ecosystem


Check out this keynote presentation at the Gurus Of BI (GOBI) conference on June 1oth:

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